The graphical representation in perspective is one of the tools most important for the architect becauseit allows us to communicate in what appears to be three-dimensional. ser tridimensión.

For the dictionary, perspective is the point of view from which a matter is considered or analyzed, but in our profession is the it is the art of representing objects on a surface in the form and arrangement with which they appear to the eye.

Here are the perspectives of some of our work to date.

Ejemplos de obras

Single family Home

Sector PA-2 de Nerja (Málaga) 

Two semi-detached houses

Nerja (Málaga)

Hostal Doña Carmen

Situado s la entrada de parking de la Plaza de España en Nerja (Málaga).

Hostal Puerta de Nerja

Situada a la entrada del parking de la Plaza de España de Nerja (Málaga).

Two semi-detached houses

Urbanización Punta Lara de Nerja (Málaga)

Single family Home

Urbanización Cortijos de San Rafael de Frigiliana (Málaga).

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